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Lotte Cinema was founded in 1999 with the concept of opening a new entertainment era. It has made great strides in attracting more than 10 million admissions in just three years and became a leading multiplex exhibitor in Korea. Lotte Cinema currently operates 143 sites with 842 screens nationwide in Korea as a division of entertainment business of the Lotte Group along with Lotte Entertainment. In 2014, Lotte Cinema opened the largest cinema in Asia – Lotte Cinema World Tower –with a total of 21 screens and 4,615 seats. 'Super Plex G' at Lotte Cinema World Tower is also recognized as the world's biggest screen by the Guinness World Records.

In conjunction with Lotte Group’s emergence into a new growing market, Lotte Cinema opened its first overseas multiplex in Vietnam in 2008. Lotte Cinema Vietnam is currently operating 46 sites with 219 screens. The first Lotte Cinema China was opened in 2010 in Shenyang. With a strong presence with Lotte affiliates, Lotte Department Store and Lotte Mart in China, Lotte Cinema China is currently operating 9 sites with 67 screens. In total, 198 sites with 1,128 screens worldwide.

Lotte Cinema inside foreground